Love in Low Gravity – Storm Caywood

Ada is a schoolteacher on a mining space station. She likes her life, even if she wishes there were trees and grass, she likes her job even when it’s tough. Enters Vivienne, an Earther from Paris, France, who just moved to the station to take over her uncle’s store after he retires. The attraction is immediate and the two women get along famously but after their first night together, Vivienne keeps her distance, worried her past will hurt Ada.

The world-building is excellent and part of that is the awesome food descriptions. I love the way the author included food in this world, the discussions between the characters on the topic, the different approaches to what food means to each person, from Pax who grows the ingredients to Grace and Vivienne who cook them, the diversity of dishes mentioned, the way the author mixed dishes we know with more futurist possibilities.

The characters are sweet, both the MCs and the secondary characters. I wouldn’t say no to a sequel about botanist Pax and her girlfriend Grace. It all felt very cosy, despite Vivienne’s dark past, in contrast to surprisingly hot sex scenes but I guess in fiction as in real life, still waters run deep.

3 stars

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