And by the Sea She Came to Me (My Monster Girlfriend) – Naomi Piper

I’ve read books with a lot of feelings recently and this novella sounded like a good way to take a break and let my emotions settle. The author is new to me, I haven’t read erotica in a while, and certainly not a lot of sapphic monster erotica. Now that I have, I want more.

For Thanksgiving break, Anna goes home to her father’s island and lighthouse. A probably depressed introvert, she’s looking forward to a week of not sharing her room. Echo doesn’t enjoy hunting humans but as a tentacle mermaid, it’s her duty to do her part in feeding her clan. When she spies this specific human giving herself a couple of long-overdue orgasms, she finds she’d rather be the one giving Anna pleasure than kill her.

I was expecting smut and I got plenty of that. I mean, there’s a lot you can do with so many tentacles… What I didn’t expect was for Anna and Echo to be so lovely together. Also, kudos on the worldbuilding. Novellas are shortish, by definition, yet Piper manages to create a whole world and atmosphere with a few words here and there.

And by the Sea She Came to Me (I love this title) is a quick read, at once sweet and hot.


And by the Sea She Came to Me @ amazon

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