No Rings Attached (Ms. Right #2) – Rachel Lacey

4.5⭐️ – This was exactly the book I wanted and needed to read. I just love Lia and Grace and the chemistry between them.

If you’ve read Read Between the Lines, you already know Lia. She’s Rosie’s best friend and the manager of the bookstore. Grace is Rosie’s other best friend, whom none of her other friends knows as she almost never makes it back to New York since she moved to Europe. When the story begins, she’s in London. Lia’s brother is getting married in England and she doesn’t want to show up alone, so Rosie suggests asking Grace to be her fake girlfriend. Grace is ready to dislike Lia, because she replaced her in Rosie’s heart, but the two women get along immediately.

Lia is very easy to love. She’s sweet, she’s supportive, she’s beautiful and quirky. She’s also very honest and direct, which Grace loves until it becomes too much. Before meeting Lia, Grace was content with her life and her no-dating rule. No heartbreak, no complications. Grace has family issues to deal with as well, and at the same time as Lia turns her world upside down, Grace also goes on a different journey, revisiting her past in ways that could change her outlook on the future.

I have none of the issues with this book that I had with the first one. I liked the story, the twists, the pace. As I already said, I loved the MCs, who are both absolutely lovely. I won’t analyze much further, even though I’d have a lot more to say but I don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll just say that it was all very delightful and if you like romance, you should give yourself the gift of this book.


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