Anchor – Madeline Kelly & Federica Mancin & Marta Gasperoni

Though I don’t usually review comics, I had the opportunity to read this one as the authors started a Kickstarter pre-launch page, and since I enjoyed it, I wanted to share. I won’t include a rating, as this is really not my area of expertise, even if I read comics once in a while.

Anchor is a lesbian time travel comic created by an all-sapphic team. It started as a short story written by Madeline Kelly and, thanks to Federica Mancin (artist) and Marta Gasperoni (colorist), is about to be available in comic form.

As Kelly explains on the Kickstarter page, Anchor is about finding your home in another person. It follows Phoebe, as she jumps in time, in a seemingly uncontrolled way. She never knows when the jumps will take her next but the same woman is always there.

If you want to know more and, hopefully, support the project, you’ll find the Kickstarter page here.

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