After Sunset (The Resort Series Book 2) – Lise Gold

You don’t need to have read Welcome to Paradise to enjoy After Sunset but if you have, you already know something happened years ago between Marcy and Zoe that left the two women in very different spirits.

After years of working abroad, Zoe is back in Benidorm for her first job as an executive chef. Everything would be perfect if she didn’t have to see, almost every day, the contractor renovating the hotel. Marcy loves her life, her job, her family, her one-night stands. She can’t figure out with the new chef seems to hate her though…

After Sunset is an enemies-to-lovers with a dash of workplace and a pinch of second-chance romance (insofar as one time long ago can qualify as first chance). And a pretty special cat.

While I enjoyed both this book and the previous one, this series isn’t as exciting for me as the Compass books (probably because I love Hannah and Kristine so much), but I recommend it to anyone looking for low angst and plenty of steamy scenes. The characters are endearing, Marcy in particular is interesting because who she seems to be, who she is at first content to be perceived as is far from her kind and sweet self. There’s character growth on both sides, with Marcy leaving her player persona behind and Zoe learning to get out of her own way, both with Marcy and with her parents. I liked both sets of parents (I would have liked to see a bit more of Marcy’s) and Rico the ranger, and was happy to see Lisa and Stella again. And, as always with Lise Gold’s books, I love the way she describes places.


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