Love Where You Work – Anna Pulley

You know how sometimes when you read a book, it feels like it would be even better if you could watch it? This is one of these, a rom-com in which the comedy aspect is as important as the romance. If I can’t get a movie, I’d settle for an audiobook so fingers crossed it happens one day.

Clare is excellent at her HR job at W;nkdIn, a dating app. What she’s not excellent at is letting people in. Behind her icy facade, she cares, very much, but that’s not enough to make her want to go out with colleagues for Friday drinks. In order to stay in the run for the promotion she’s hoping for, she’s volunteered to beta the company’s new LGBTQ+ dating experiences. Julia has always been “the pretty one” and struggles to be taken seriously. A complaint brings her to Clare’s office and attraction strikes on both sides. Unfortunately, Julia is the one in charge of planning Clare’s dates… with other people.

Love Where You Work is a debut novel, and a very funny one at that. Funny and touching, as both women navigate uneasy relationships with their families. It’s fast-paced and facetious and while it could have used tighter editing, I enjoyed this book thoroughly.


Love Where You Work @ amazon

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