Zero Chill (Curtis and Reynolds #3) – Carolyn Elizabeth & Lori Prince (narrator)

I already reviewed the book so I’ll focus on the narration. This audiobook contains one of my most favourite and one of my least favourite voices by Lori Prince.

I’ll start with the latter so I can end this review on something that brings me joy. Corey’s voice. I didn’t remember Corey sounding so much like a fourteen-year-old boy (not the sweet, uncertain kind, the pushy and puffed up crowd). She’s too clever and strong to sound so nonchalant and obnoxious all the time.

Thayer, on the other hand… All my thoughts on that voice come in hot emojis and fainting gifs. I can’t be articulate about a voice like this one. All I want is to close my eyes and listen to it all day.

Narration isn’t all about voices, however. Once again, Prince nails the pace and general atmosphere. So while I’m not one hundred per cent wowed, I recommend this audiobook wholeheartedly.

Read my review of Zero Chill, the book.


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