Breaking Character – Lee Winter & Angela Dawe (narrator)

I guess it won’t surprise anyone that I, like most people who listened to this audiobook before me, loved it. Angela Dawe is a wonderful narrator and no accent Lee Winter decides to throw her way will make her trip.

She really nails Summer’s voice, who sounds exactly like the fresh-faced, often underestimated, young woman I imagine. I’m not as convinced by Elizabeth Thornton’s voice, however. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy as hell but, to me, it makes her sound older than her thirty-seven years. Which in turn makes the age gap between the two women sound bigger at times than nine years.

Breaking Character is my favourite Lee Winter book (with Requiem for Immortals). I’m very character-driven and if I love the characters, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief of even the least plausible plot twists. Bess is one of my favourite characters. As I wrote when I first reviewed the book, “Lee Winter is great at writing ice queens but what I loved best about this book is that Bess is not really an ice queen. That’s what others make her out to be because it’s easier and more fun to believe what everyone is saying than to look for the truth. What she really is is an unassuming woman who is not convinced she’s talented enough (she is) to justify her success, such as it is”. Summer is the opposite, she knows her worth, she’s an optimist, she believes in herself and in Bess. To quote myself again, “she never for one second forgets how impressive and gifted Bess is, nor how human she also is. If she treats her in a different way than anyone else, it’s not because she’s famous or wealthy, it’s because she loves her”.

Read my review of Breaking Character, the book.


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