The Thing About Tilly – G. Benson & Cat Gould (narrator)

I loved everything about this book when I first read it, and reacquainting myself with the characters in audio was pure joy. I love them all, Tilly and Evie of course but also Sean, Cal, Evie’s mum Lin, Luke, Laura… And I might be just a tiny little bit in love with Tilly and Evie, separately and together. Cat Gould’s narration brought them to life wonderfully. Her voices, in particular, are perfect. All of them but, again, especially her voices for Tilly and Evie.

I don’t have much to add to the review I wrote a year ago (to the day). It was a pretty detailed – but spoiler-free – review and I still stand by every word. If you’re into beautifully-written slow burns, this book is for you.

Read my review of The Thing About Tilly, the book.


The Thing About Tilly @ audible

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