Hearts in Motion – Miranda MacLeod & Lori Prince (narrator)

Hadley Moore’s whole life is her job as an emergency room doctor. When she finds herself on the other side, after her sister and her brother-in-law die in a car accident, leaving their baby behind, Hadley realises there’s more to life than her job, even if she loves it. Tyne Briggs is the baby’s other aunt, and she’s had a crush on Hadley for the longest time. Grief brings them together, but the battle for the child’s custody threatens everything.

Hearts in Motion is an age-gap opposites-attract romance, with a touch of small-town/big city trope as well. I know I keep complaining about miscommunication in lesfic, or at least about the way it’s often used with no reason other than to create some angst, when the characters don’t really have any reason to hide anything. I won’t in this review. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge lack of communication between Hadley and Tyne, and that’s where most of the conflict comes from. What I did enjoy, however, is the fact that they’re forced to acknowledge it, and do better. MacLeod succeeds in bringing humour to a story about grief, and I have to admit I’m impressed.

Lori Prince is the perfect narrator for these stories, this mix of emotions and funny scenes. She’s really good with comedic timing, but the scene that actually made me love her in this book is a very emotional one, in which every nuance of what the character was feeling could be heard in her voice.


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