Always Allie – Melissa Tereze

Cassidy left Plumstoke three years ago to pursue her dreams in London, breaking Allie’s heart in the process. When her mother suddenly dies, Cassidy comes back and while nothing seems to have changed in the little town, everything has.

Once again, I have conflicting feelings. There are a lot of things that don’t work for me in this book. The characters’ motivation escapes me. I’m not sure I understand why Allie and Cassidy broke up in the first place nor why Cassidy married another woman (and took her name, no less) so soon after if she’s always been convinced Allie is the one. I’m not sure either why Danielle married Cassidy, for that matter.

Everything is very black and white. Cassidy’s wife Danielle for example has absolutely nothing going for her whereas Allie is perfect. The only grey zone is Cassidy, whose self-centred attitude led to the breakup, but she’s not a bad person. If you like character growth in your romance, you’ll find it with her. It takes a while to happen and she really should stop listening to whatever people tell her, but in the end, she learns valuable lessons. And she’s pretty sweet, really. Not as sweet as Allie, but pretty sweet all the same.

So here I am, reading this book, not bored but not carried away either. And then suddenly there’s a very moving scene, or maybe just a couple of achingly sweet sentences that pull me deep in the story and I forget everything that doesn’t work. By the end of the book, I cared a lot more about the MCs than I did at first. Quite a few reviewers loved this book. Read their reviews. What didn’t work for me obviously did for them.

3 stars

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