Her Wolf in the Wild – Rien Gray

Christiana is running away from her abusive ex when her car breaks down. Just as she begins to believe all is lost, a gorgeous biker saves the day. Micah isn’t just any biker, however. As Christiana soon finds out, Micah is a werewolf, and her merry band of companions is her pack.

Her Wolf in the Wild is a lot lighter than I expected. Having read – and loved – Rien Gray’s debut Love Kills Twice (I still need to find time for the follow-up), I was looking forward to seeing how the dark and cynical atmosphere would translate to paranormal. What I got instead is a pretty traditional werewolf story with a cute romance.

Micah is a dreamy alpha, sinewy and earnest, the kind of leader who makes you believe in a world at peace while looking hot and in charge at all times. Christiana is much stronger than she gives herself credit for, open-minded and ready to love with all her heart. She might not have been prepared to become a werewolf’s mate but the way she takes it in stride is admirable.

All in all, this wasn’t the exciting read I was hoping for, but it was pretty enjoyable all the same.

3 stars

Her Wolf in the Wild @ amazon

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