The Club – A.L. Brooks

I’m still – and will probably be for years to come – in the process of catching up on all the books I missed, and I want to thank authors who write follow-ups that give me an excuse to go back in time in between ARCs.

I’d heard a lot about The Club over the years, and it’s a favourite for many people I know. Still, I wasn’t prepared for it, not to enjoy it so much.

This review probably won’t add much to everything that’s been written since the book was released in 2016 so I’ll keep it short. I understand why so many people love The Club. I’m very impressed it was a debut. It’s insanely hot from first to last page, and there are also some very tender moments. And I’m now even more impatient to read The Club Revisited, which should be released in October.


The Club @ amazon

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