The Breath Between Waves – Charlotte Anne Hamilton

3.5⭐️ – There are two parts to this book. The first was an okay read, not as exciting as I hoped for a Titanic romance. The pace felt slow, and I wasn’t sure where the story was supposed to be going. The relationships between the MCs and their families seemed in the way. Besides, the MCs jumped on each other after only a day, and you know I don’t mind instalust but it seemed a bit extreme. I got confused about whether they’d slept together that first night, since they mentioned kissing all night and touching over clothes but then one of them knew what the other’s skin looked like on her belly and thighs.

Then, around the 50% mark, came the first real intimate scene and it got me back into the story. It’s well-written, at once sweet and hot, and I started to care about the characters. Right on time too, as that’s when all hell broke loose. And the book suddenly picked up. The second half is much better than the first, fast-paced, dramatic and exciting until the end.

If the whole book had been written with the same energy, the same pace, the same tension, my rating would have been much higher. The fact that it’s a debut makes me want to keep an eye out for Charlotte Anne Hamilton’s future books.


The Breath Between Waves @ Entangled

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