VIP – Jackie D.

3.5⭐️ – Action movies superstar Audrey Knox is barely over a very public breakup when she meets Harlow Thorne, musician extraordinaire. Despite her wariness about getting involved with anyone too quickly, she can’t resist Harlow and the feeling is very obviously mutual. Both sense very early on that what’s going on between them is special. When life gets in the way, they need to decide whether they’re strong enough to fight for their new yet already precious relationship.

VIP is a sweet feel-good romance. Falling in love with Audrey is very easy and Harlow is worth all the efforts. As soon as they meet, the chemistry is off the charts. The best part of VIP is the depiction of those first moments, when the attraction is so strong and so wonderful you’re not sure what’s happening. I’m always surprised when a character asks the other MC to be their girlfriend, even though I’ve been told people really do it. It made me smile that Harlow would be surprised too. It was sweet and funny.

There are a few very moving scenes, both between the MCs and with other characters. One, in particular, brought tears to my eyes, when Harlow meets a young fan named Monica. Casper, Harlow’s twin brother, is an interesting secondary character with an unexpected arc. I also love Kylie, Audrey’s best friend and assistant, and Audrey’s mother.

There’s some head-hopping at times, and I wasn’t always sure who was feeling what. But overall, it was a nice read. If you’re looking for a feel-good novel to read on the beach, VIP will do nicely.


VIP @ Bold Strokes Books

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