It Takes A Miracle – Jamey Moody & April Doty (narrator)

Who said you can’t read (or in this case listen to) Christmas novellas all year long?

Twenty-five years ago, Vanessa’s parents forbade her from seeing Makenna, even though Vanessa was sure the other young woman was the love of her life. Twenty-five years later, divorced and a mother, Vanessa comes back to the place where it all began and where, coincidentally, her son is now going to college, only to find out that Makenna is her son’s counsellor. It’s love at first sight again.

I’ve written this in previous reviews for Jamey Moody’s books, if cheesiness isn’t your thing, she’s not an author for you. This novella is a sweet, uncomplicated read about love resisting time and picking up where you left off. Nothing groundbreaking but nice.

The narration isn’t bad but it didn’t work for me. It’s too dramatic and the voices aren’t distinctive enough, especially Makenna and Declan (Vanessa’s son) sound almost alike. Vanessa’s voice is different but all wrong for her personality. Makenna describes her a few times as a whirlwind yet she sounds like a fragile old lady. The pace is good, however, and other reviewers seem to have enjoyed the narration a lot more than I did, so listen to the sample and decide for yourself.

3 stars

It Takes a Miracle @ audible

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