Northern Vows (Compass #5) – Lise Gold & Addison Barnes (narrator)

Northern Vows is the fifth and final book in Lise Gold’s Compass series and while I’m sad to say goodbye to these characters, the author gave them the perfect ending.

There are a lot of characters in this book, and more than the usual amount of main characters and points of view (there’s never any confusion, don’t worry). The central couple is Hannah and Kristine, the MCs from the first two books in the series, who are getting married where it all began (or close enough). Around them: Kate, Kristine’s best friend, and Felicia, from the third book; Madison, Hannah’s sister, and Ally, from book 4; and Daisy, friend and employee of the brides, who wouldn’t say no to a fling with local girl Victoria. There are also secondary characters, such as Ally’s son Theo, Hannah’s father and his wife, Kristine’s brother, Hannah’s best friends from London, and the Norwegian couple who witnessed the beginning of Hannah and Kristine’s story and are now hosting their wedding.

I’m so happy Lise Gold managed to keep the same narrator for the whole series. Addison Barnes’ narration is beautiful. The voices she gives the various characters fit their personality and are distinct enough that I never had to wonder who was talking. And she’s a huge part of why Hannah and Kristine are one of my favourite lesfic couples (with Jess and Brooklyn from Melissa Brayden’s Kiss the Girl and Meg and Sanne from Cari Hunter’s Dark Peak trilogy). I fell in love with Hannah’s accent when I first listened to Northern Lights, it’s lovely and musical and makes my insides go all gooey. I hope Barnes narrates more lesfic in the future, I’d love to hear her voice again.

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