Silver Moon (Wolves of Wolf’s Point #1) – Catherine Lundoff

I had never heard of this series but when the author asked if I wanted to maybe review the books, I was like menopausal werewolves? Yes please, count me in!

Imagine going through “the Change” only to find out that for you – and some of your neighbours – it means turning into a werewolf. Then your ex-husband pulls the rug from under your feet a little bit more, and you start getting feelings for another woman. All at the same time. Who could blame Becca for feeling a tad overwhelmed?

I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s a little like a werewolves story for readers who don’t usually read werewolves stories. It’s much more about changes, all sorts of changes, than about werewolves themselves, even though it’s also very much about werewolves. There’s a thriller feel to it at times that, despite the uneven pace, took my breath away but my favourite thing was the flashes of humour breaking the tension before it got too much. That and Erin’s slow cowboy smile. It’s sexy as hell, I swear.

Silver Moon is the first book in the Wolves of Wolf’s Point series, first published in 2012, then in 2017. The sequel, Blood Moon, will be released in March.


Silver Moon @ Queen of Swords Press

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