Body Language – Renee Roman

3.5⭐️ – Two women, two sets of insecurity. Jen isn’t comfortable with her body, Mika isn’t comfortable with her brain. Jennifer Long is a professor, struggling with her weight and on the edge of health issues. Mika James is good at sex and has used her talents to please wealthy women but wants more from life and is trying to get a degree. They meet when Jen, as a favour to her best friend, agrees to tutor a reluctant Mika.

I had only read one book by Renee Roman before and found it a very frustrating experience. I enjoyed this one a lot more. First of all, I really like the cover, it’s what made me want to read this book. Not all covers fit so well with the story they’re attached too and I’m not usually a fan of faces on covers, but this one works completely.

Jen and Mika both have valid reasons to feel insecure, to some extent, both having had encounters with mean and selfish people in the past. With so much insecurity on both sides, communication isn’t going to come easily. Each is scared of telling the other one that she’s in for a lot more than their initial agreement. As they learn to know each other, feelings join in. The back and forth was well written but a bit too much for too long. Some authors rush their endings, this one was the opposite, it dragged on a little.

The whole story is about self-confidence and learning to see yourself the way others – the others that matter – see you. It’s about loving oneself and all aspects of oneself. I liked the body positivity message and how it translated into the sex scenes, even though Jen’s distaste of her own body made me really uneasy at times. As the story progresses, she gets a lot more comfortable with sex and what her body wants, but not so much with her body itself.

I had the same feeling about Mika’s learning disability. Both characters closed themselves off to dreams they might have because they felt “less than”. It’s only through the other’s eyes that they finally see that nothing is impossible. That’s probably what I enjoyed the most in this story, how supportive they are of each other, how they lift the other up whenever she needs a boost (all the time at first).

I also liked Mika’s relationship with her brother a lot and wish her family had a bigger role in the story. Jen’s family is a lot more present, especially her mother. Her family isn’t always exactly supportive but in her corner, Jen also has the best friend mentioned above.

This book is marketed as an erotic romance and it fulfils both promises. The chemistry is strong, and the fact that the characters keep being surprised at how much the other wants them adds to it.

I quite enjoyed reading this book, and I’ll have a look at the author’s other novels.

3 stars

Body Language @ Bold Strokes Books

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