You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure (The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles #3) – Georgette Kaplan

Even in the direst circumstances, Easy Nevada remains obnoxious, and there’s something reassuring about that. If you’re not French, you probably haven’t heard of Jean-Paul Belmondo. He was one of the most famous French actors when I was a child. He acted in fantastic movies, like Breathless, but he was at his best in comedic action movies. Stunts and bad puns. That’s who Nevada reminds me of. Also, since we’re on French stuff, Jacques speaks the strangest French I’ve read. I had to google some of his retorts to understand what he meant.

I won’t even try to give a synopsis of what happens in this book. It picks up where Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra ended and really can’t be read as a standalone. These are not spin-offs, it’s a real series with episodes that need to be read in order. It’s already hard enough to keep up. Anyway, Easy’s former boss took Candice and she needs to rescue her. On the way, Nevada meets new people and reconnects with some she hasn’t seen in a while, there’s plenty of grumbling, banter, and pew-pew-you’re-dead stuff that leaves a lot of dead bodies but honestly, who’s counting?

I absolutely loved the first book in the series, Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse. It was full of energy and wit, it was funny sarcastic and all over the place in a good way. I enjoyed the second book but not as much. I was hoping for the same high as with the first one but some of it fell flat, even though I convinced myself that I was still having fun. If you read the review I wrote then, I don’t think you’ll detect any of the unease I felt at times and yet that’s what I remember most. And now, with this third book, I’m ready to be done with Nevada. It’s getting to the point where I can’t stand her. Candice Cushing definitely deserves better, by the way. I can’t swear, however, that if there’s a fourth book, I won’t want to read it. As aggravating as she is, Nevada is also addictive. In the meantime, I think I’ll listen to book 1 narrated by Abby Craden.

3 stars

You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure @ Ylva Publishing

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