Strangers on a Train: When Hiroko met Sally – Paris Rivera & Scarlett Knightley (narrator)

One of the reasons I usually like Paris Rivera‘s stories is that she doesn’t waste time getting to the sexy scenes. I, therefore, wasn’t expecting the whole setting-the-scene in this one. What I expected even less was to enjoy it so much. There’s this constant underlying sense of humour in Rivera’s erotica that really works for me, in addition to all the steamy action. And I loved the way the narrator said “sardines”, I don’t know why exactly, it just made Sally more real each time.

In Strangers on a Train, Sally’s attention keeps going back to a younger woman sitting not far from where she’s standing on a busy London train. The other woman – Hiroko – catches her staring at her body and moves closer to her. The crowd hides her movements as she starts caressing Sally.

There’s not much more to the story than that, stolen moments on a train, with a third woman noticing Sally and Hiroko after most of the other commuters get off the train. Compared to other Rivera audiobooks, the narration is more understated but it fits the story perfectly. Paris Rivera can definitely write, and the narrators she chooses are always excellent.


Strangers on a Train @ audible

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