Online – Madeleine Taylor & Tessa Stavers (narrator)

I’ve enjoyed reading all of Madeleine Taylor’s books so far and this second one is my least favourite. It’s great (except the end, which really doesn’t work for me), I just like the others even more.

In Online, I love how a virtual relationship becomes real, how what started as “just sex” for both characters and an experiment for Valerie becomes so much more for both and an entire journey for Valerie. I like how different both characters are and how open they are to pushing boundaries. Val, in particular, keeps stepping out of her comfort zone, which shows both how brave she can be and how safe Syd makes her feel even as she unsettles her. Madeleine Taylor writes these situations perfectly, the self-discovery, the temptation, the letting go. Tessa Stavers‘ narration is as good as usual, even though I found it slightly too dramatic at times. But I liked her voices for the different characters.

Read my review of Online, the book.


Online @ audible

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