Liberty Bay – Karis Walsh

3.5⭐️ – Karis Walsh‘s books are hit-or-miss for me, and while this one is not as much of a miss as for other reviewers, it’s not a huge hit either.

Gina is an influencer, the internet is her safe place. Until a disgruntled follower doxes her, forcing her to lay low, at least temporarily. Wren loves her life off the grid, with her horses and not much else. She needs to find a way to pay her bills, however, so when her friend and accountant Dianna sends Gina to help her set up a marketing strategy to bring more students her way, Wren has no choice but to welcome her.

I was wary at first of the whole social media influencer thing but I really liked how the author wrote Gina. She’s not in the least shallow or superficial, she takes her work very seriously and I can see how, after the childhood she’s had, she would care so much about her career and her life in the city. I also like that Wren is as wary as I was at first but quickly learns there’s more to Gina than meets the eye (what meets the eye seems quite nice too).

Gina and Wren couldn’t be more different, and it’s what makes them perfect for each other. They’re both sweet and respectful of the other’s choices and wants. I like the way Walsh writes the inevitability of the first kiss and all that comes after.

The writing, however, is a bit repetitive, as if the author felt the need to insist on why her characters should resist the attraction. And once they do get together, the focus is, once again, on how they want different things (or think they do). I would have liked a little more of their time together as a couple beyond the physical aspects.

If you’ve never read Karis Walsh’s novels, I’d recommend Sit. Stay. Love., which was one of my favourite books last year.

3 stars

Liberty Bay @ Bold Strokes Books

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