Bet Against Me (High Stakes #1) – Fiona Riley & Melissa Sternenberg (narrator)

As I’ve said before, my friends and I have these book club chats once in a while, and this time we had chosen Fiona Riley’s latest book, Bet Against Me (the time before was Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton). Having read the book a few weeks ago and not trusting my memory to do it justice, I decided to listen to the audiobook version, narrated by Melissa Sternenberg.

First of all, I was surprised to realise I hadn’t forgotten that much about the book. And while I had a really hard time warming up to Trina when I first read it, the initial nastiness between her and Kendall seemed more balanced in audio.

Melissa Sternenberg’s narration – my first by her, I think – is pretty good, even if I didn’t find her voices distinctive enough. It didn’t bother me too much, however. And I enjoyed the story just as much as the first time. Once again, I probably overrated it a tad in my first review, and objectively it’s probably more a 4.5* or even a 4*, but as I’ve said time and again, my ratings reflect the feelings and emotions a book invokes in me. And I’m still as impressed as I was the first time with the fact that the author managed to make me love Trina by the end. So I’m happy with my 5*. And even more impatient for book 2, Bet the Farm (Lauren’s story, yay!), coming out next May, and book 3, which will focus on Ellison (double yay!). Which reminds me, that comment above about the voices in the audiobook not being distinctive enough? It doesn’t apply to Ellison’s, which totally made me swoon.

And I want to thank Fiona Riley again for making time to answer our questions.

My initial review of Bet Against Me.


Bet Against Me @ Bold Strokes Books

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