Tempered in Ice (A Phoenix of Hope Novel #2) – Zora Marie & Senn Annis (narrator)

I enjoyed this as much as Cast in Fire, or maybe even more since the universe was familiar to me this time and I didn’t feel as lost. Most of the – awesome – world-building happened in the first book.

Even though Zelia and her companions won the battle in book 1, they still have to stop the elder wizards’ evil plan. Not all is at it seems and Zelia finds herself doubting what she thinks she knows. She is also still suffering from something akin to PTSD from what she was forced to do in the cave, but her courage knows no limit. At her side now, in addition to her brothers, is her soulmate, an elvish princess. Zelia is not ready to allow herself to care for anyone but how could she resist another stubborn kickass gal?

As in Cast in Fire, the pace is fast, the action exciting, there are dragons (I love dragons), and I found myself totally engrossed in the adventure. I just love this feeling of being carried away. I can’t wait for Etched in Runes, book 3 in the Phoenix of Hope series, to come out in audiobook! It’s already out in ebook but I like Senn Annis’s narration too much. And did I mention how much I like those covers?

I have a request for the author, though: there are so many characters, so many species, so many places, that some sort of index – maybe even a map – somewhere online would help a lot, especially for those of us who listen to the audiobooks.


Tempered in Ice @ Starcatcher Press

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