Home – Kris Bryant

Home is the perfect feel-good novel. There’s very little angst but it doesn’t mean nothing happens.

The story is simple: seventeen years ago, young Sarah, the most popular girl in the whole high school, kissed Natalie, sweet, shy, freakishly tall Natalie. The kiss changed both girls but Sarah left town without acknowledging its meaning and impact. Natalie grew up to become the town sheriff and has accepted the idea that she’s not made for relationships. Until Sarah comes back, divorced, and looking for a new life for herself and her daughter.

The story feels a bit rushed at first, maybe because it began as a novella that grew to be a short novel, but it doesn’t really matter. All the characters are very lovable, including the dog that ends up saving the day.

This is not the kind of book for which I write long, thoughtful reviews. This is hot chocolate on a rainy autumn afternoon. It won’t push you to reflect deeply on the meaning of life but it will warm you. And that, in itself, is perfect.

Home @ Bold Strokes Books

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