Being Hospitable (Desert Rose Hook-Ups #1) – Meka James & Phoenix McKay (narrator)

4.5* – Why is this so short? That will be my only complaint. I could stop here but I have good things to say, so I will.

When her best friend Kenny asked her if his younger sister Charley could stay with her for three months – the length of her internship –, Kiki didn’t think twice. She loves Kenny and she’s known Charley forever. Charley has always looked up to Kiki and there’s always been a connection between them, first as kids (Kiki is a few years older) and now as adults. Kenny is very protective of his sister and having a hard time seeing her as an adult whereas the hard time Kiki is having is remembering Charley is off-limits. And presumably straight. And Charley is definitely not interested in making it easier for her.

While I put this in the romance category, it could also go in the erotica category. There’s a lot – a lot – of sex. And it’s really hot. It’s also really sweet. Both characters are adorable and their feelings for each other feel genuine from the start. The chemistry is spectacular and the whole thing just made me happy. I love how respectful both women are of the other, and how much Kiki cares for Charley’s relationship with her brother. I love that Charley likes girls and boys and that it’s not an issue. I also love how well she and Kiki fit together, both emotionally and sexually. How bratty and independent Charley is, how forward she is when asking for what she wants. I wasn’t expecting their relationship to veer towards BDSM but it happens so organically that it just makes sense.

Meka James is a new author for me, and Phoenix McKay a new narrator. I enjoyed Ms James’ writing a lot and the narration was excellent, great voice and great rhythm. I’d like more of both, please.


Being Hospitable @ audible

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