VERY Personal Training – Paris Rivera & Charm (narrator)

As usual, Paris Rivera delivers a very sexy story about a woman getting more than she asked for but not more than she wants. In this one, an ad in the local newspaper leads a thirty-six-year-old divorcee to an unexpectedly hot stretching session with two women from the Czech Republic.

The subtitle to this story is “When Mrs Feder Took Instruction from Two Beautiful Young Women”. All is said. I have no idea whether the accents the narrator used were accurate, but they brought to mind the image of Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve, so it could be worse.

I’ve never read any of Paris Rivera’s stories, always listened to them in audiobook and I recommend you do the same. The narrators have all been really good so far. While you shouldn’t look for much more than pure erotica in these stories, they also usually have just the right amount of humour, even a hint of snark here and there, that simply adds to the fun. I only wish consent was more obvious. It’s not ignored but it could be clearer.


Very Personal Training @ audible

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