Wrong Number, Right Woman – Jae

Not long ago, I got my own wrong number text, but it didn’t lead to anything romantic. Which is quite a relief since the message I received was about a wooden cross…

The text Denny gets is much nicer and promising: a stranger in first-date panic over what to wear. Denny answers, thinking the exchange will be a one-time thing, but the mystery woman on the other side keeps texting her. An unusual friendship begins, becoming more and more important to both women.

It’s no secret that Jae is one of the best at writing slow-burn romance, and I really enjoyed this one. Denny is adorable. She lives with her much younger sister and her niece and is the best kind of earnest and responsible. She’s awkward and self-conscious but she’s also smart and funny when she’s comfortable. Outgoing and gorgeous, Eliza is an artist, who works with Austen and Dee (from Under a Falling Star), creating bird toys. If Denny had met her in real life from the start, she would most certainly have been too shy to chat with her. Their text relationship allows both to decide how much to show and tell, which, in a way, makes it easier to show and tell more. Eliza learns to be vulnerable and open, Denny learns she doesn’t have to be strong all the time.

Another nice point is that both Denny and Eliza have regular lives with regular jobs: Denny works in a grocery store, Eliza in a pet store. Denny’s parents are out of the picture but she has the best family with her sister Salem and Salem’s eleven-year-old daughter Bella. Eliza also has a really nice family (this one with parents) and a great best friend, Heather, who has her own interesting relationship with Denny (I won’t say more, no spoiling).

My only (very small) complaint is that the story wouldn’t have suffered from being a bit tighter. It’s on the longer side of what we’re used to in lesfic – and I’m not complaining, I like longer books too – and I felt the pace slowed down a little at times. Not enough for me to get bored but enough to be noticed.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet romance, low on angst but high on chemistry and all-around loveliness, look no further.


Wrong Number, Right Woman @ Ylva Publishing

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