The Falcon’s Heart – Diana Green

3.5* – An enjoyable read.

After the merciless and power-hungry local pasha Asab Kah Akbah had her father killed, Jehan had to fend for herself and became the Falcon, a good-hearted outlaw. So when her cousin, the only family she has left, is emprisoned in the pasha’s jail, she has to try everything to free him. Including taking the pasha’s daughter hostage. Saba hates her life in the palace, especially since the only person (other than her uncle) who ever cared for her was taken away for using her magic. Being kidnapped is not how she envisioned gaining her freedom, but it gives her the opportunity to discover what life can be.

The author did a good job at setting the world in which the story takes place but it’s got a déjà vu feel – think One Thousand and One Nights. It is however very suited to a fantasy story where a princess and an outlaw encounter magic and scary creatures.

I enjoyed accompanying Saba on her journey and watching her come into her powers and discovering herself. The chemistry between her and Jehan is convincing, and their relationship is what I liked best. The writing is really good too. I don’t know why exactly but I never felt really invested in the story. I enjoyed the ride, though.

3 stars

The Falcon’s Heart @ Birch Leaf Press

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