The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

A silly bet leads to a life-changing meeting. The premise of this book is quite simple but the way it’s told and the characters make all the difference.

In the hope that it would help her repay her student loans, Alice takes part in a flight attendant bingo that includes such challenges as to procure a passenger’s phone number or accidentally drop a drink on another. But when the woman in 3B looks at her, Alice has to change her plans. Anissa travels for work almost as much as Alice – she’s an HR consultant – and as luck would have it, their paths cross a lot. Unlike Alice, Anissa is not shy in acknowledging what or who she wants.

I didn’t read the blurb before opening this book. My friend Carrie recommended it and that was enough. I think it was my first book by this author, and it really made me want to read more. The story is told in first person, in Alice’s point of view. I loved Alice’s awkwardness and found her very relatable. She’s lovely and earnest and ready to fight for the people she cares for, even if she’s sometimes clumsy in her attempts to do so. A Lebanese American, Anissa is strong and sexy and comfortable with herself yet vulnerable at times. I loved how she schools Alice in a loving but firm way on racism and how to respond (or not respond).

This book is far from perfect, some things don’t really make sense and I almost rolled my eyes at the very predictable twist around the 80% mark but Eliza Lentzski made it work. All in all, I found this story sweet, tender and, yes, really hot.


The Woman in 3B @ amazon

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