Shameless – Brit Ryder

I was told earlier today that I had to read Shameless, since Kris Bryant, aka Brit Ryder, just announced that she signed the contract for her fourteenth book, Not Guilty, which will be Claire’s side of the story, in a full-length novel.

Emery Pearson has been flirting online and having phone sex with a very sexy woman, and they have plans to meet at the museum, where she hopes they’ll go for semi-public and very exciting sex, before she goes back to her daily life as a fire investigator whose testimony can make or break an arson case.

Since Shameless is pretty short (it’s a novella), I won’t give too many details, I’ll just say not all is what it seems to be. One thing is exactly as it seems, though, and that’s how hot this story is. I mean wow.


Shameless @ Bold Strokes Books


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