Moonlight Avenue – Gerri Hill & Cassandra York (narrator)

Since I liked Gillette Park so much, I went straight on to Moonlight Avenue, once again following LezReviewBooks‘ Gaby’s recommendation. I had added it to my audiobook library after reading her review, and the time had come to listen to it.

After her father was murdered by her mother’s lover, Finley (Finn) Knight forgot about law school and became a cop. A few years later, a visit from the private investigator her father had hired before his death led to another career change. Now Finn is the PI hired by a husband to confirm his wife’s affair. When her client is murdered, the similarities with what Finn’s family had to go through are the least troubling aspect of the story. Dee Woodard is the detective assigned to the investigation and worms her way into Finn’s solitary life. Then Rylee Moore, a young PI wannabe, convinces Finn to hire her.

For a rather long time, I had no idea where this book was going but I didn’t mind at all. I liked the atmosphere and the characters I was meeting. The mystery kept pulling me in many directions (as it should) and I wasn’t sure where the romance would come from. I never knew what to expect, which, in itself, is brilliant. The murder plot is multilayered, with surprising twists and unexpected turns, and everything a mystery should be. As usual, what’s most important for me is the characters, and I really liked that, this time, there were three of them, three badass women, with very different personalities and skills that complement one another. In the course of the story, both friendship and romance flourish. The romance is excellent, with fantastic chemistry between the two women involved, in one of the hottest slow-burns I’ve read. I definitely want more of all three characters, preferably still as a team.

I chose to listen to the audiobook and the narration was really good. I sometimes had to focus a little on the dialogue to get which woman was talking (in particular between Dee and Finn), but I think my lack of concentration is more to blame than Cassandra York’s performance. I liked her tone, her pace, her voices (including the male characters), how Rylee sounded distinctively younger than the other two MCs.

In a few words: excellent mystery, hot romance, awesome narration.


Moonlight Avenue @ Lesbian audiobooks

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