The Lesbian Billionaires Club (TLBC #1) – K.C. Luck & Senn Annis (narrator)

K.C. Luck is one of a few authors I followed on social media before reading any of their books. A comment here and there caught my attention, something in the way they express themselves made me want to know more. So this is my first book by Luck. Also, I’ve been thinking recently that I need to vary the way I write about books I think are “fun”, and the good news is, the word that kept coming to mind for this one was “vivacious”. So, fun and vivacious it is.

Madison (not her real name) is a media tycoon, whose reputation as a lesbian Romeo is embarrassing the other members of the lesbian billionaires secret club she belongs to. They ask her to stay out of the media (it sounds a lot like going back in the closet) and settle down with a nice woman or get out of the club. At first angered, Madison decides to give the settling-down idea a go when she meets Claire, a supposedly straight and utterly gorgeous waitress.

I don’t usually go for arrogant characters but I kinda liked it in Madison. She’s got so much money and power she could be completely blasé, but the possibility of losing the club makes her vulnerable, as does the fact that most women are only interested in her for her wealth and status. She’s so resigned to this that Claire’s sincerity takes her by surprise, and that’s something I liked about her.

The only way to enjoy this story is to suspend disbelief, there’s not much that sounds plausible (or maybe it is, I don’t know that many lesbian billionaires), but it doesn’t really matter. There are a lot of extremely sexy scenes and some unexpectedly grimy crime action. This would probably be a 3* novel if I had read it, but the narration is excellent, so 3* for the book, 5* for the narration and an overall total of 4*. And since this is the first book in a series and the ending is open, I’m looking forward to listening to book 2, The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction, as soon as it is in audio.


The Lesbian Billionaires Club @ audible

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