Claiming Camille – Louise McBain

Almost in touching distance of the partnership she’s worked hard to earn at her law firm, Camille Robbins won’t let anything get in the way, least of all a detour to Washington, DC to take care of her father (and his five Kardashian cats) after he’s been thrown off his bike by a texting driver.

As she’s temporarily working out of the firm’s DC office, she’s asked to supervise one of the partners’ protégée on a case. Surprise, the protégée looks like a clone of her younger self and the partner is none other than her ex, the one who caused her to move all the way to San Francisco in the first place. Trying to avoid falling prey to the manipulative Mia, Camille literally flies away from her in the arms of the mysterious woman she hasn’t been able to get out of her head since first laying eyes on her on the Metro elevator.

Claiming Camille is Louise McBain’s debut with Bella Books and her second novel, I think (the first one, Sweet Jane, was independently published), and I really enjoyed it a lot. I love the tone, it’s irreverent and funny and tender at the same time. The overall feeling is sweet and charming, with quite a few steamy scenes and just the right amount of angst to keep it interesting.

The story itself is a little predictable but the way it’s told makes it work anyhow. The MCs are exciting and endearing, and the secondary cast – Camille’s father, her ex’s new girlfriend, the former best friend she reconnects with, Hannah’s overwhelming stepmother… – is just as good. I made the mistake of starting to read this book late last night and had to force myself to stop and get some sleep. I finished it when I woke up, it was the fluffy and heartwarming read I needed after the series of more challenging reads I got through recently. I’m curious to read McBain’s first book now, and will try to get to it asap.


Claiming Camille @ Bella Books

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