Taking a Shot at Love – K.C. Richardson

No one would guess that icy – but fair – English professor Celeste Bouchard is also a talented and sexy pole dancer. Celeste took up pole dancing in her late twenties as a way to keep fit after growing up overweight. Her body benefited from it and so did her self-confidence. Yet an ill-fated relationship with another teacher scared her away from anything more than a careful friendship with her colleagues. Until she meets Lisa Tobias, the super hot and trustworthy basketball coach.

Taking a Shot at Love is a classic nerd/jock opposites-attract story, full of instalust and miscommunication. The writing is okay, not exciting but not terrible either, except for an overall bad case of superfluous words and one scene where I got completely lost between all the right hands and left hips and all that. Also, I may have a faulty memory but not to the point that I need the author to remind me of the MCs names multiple times in the same sentence.

This is the kind of book I would have been glad to read twenty-five or thirty years ago but by now I feel like I have read the same story seven or eight times already. We’re lucky to have so many good novels to choose from these days, compared to when I came out, but it also means I have less patience for average (or less-than) books.

2 stars

Taking a Shot at Love @ Bold Strokes Books

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