Thief of the Heart – M.J. Williamz

Kit Hanson thrives on the thrill of steeling diamonds from wealthy women she seduces at casinos. She doesn’t need the money but she enjoys the chase. Until she falls for Savannah Brown, the FBI agent in charge of the team trying to apprehend the high-flying thief.

The first page of this book gave me hope that this would be a well-paced smart enemies-to-lovers romance. Unfortunately, my hope crashed almost immediately. The author gives too many details of mundane activities, killing the pace: one character asks the other what she wants to drink, then she goes to the bar where she orders the drinks the reader already knows she’s going to order, then she comes back from the bar and sets the drinks the reader knows she ordered on the table; then the other character drinks the drink the first character went to the bar to order. My eyes kept skimming over the unnecessary descriptions, but even then, the story didn’t hold my attention.

I couldn’t relate to either character. Kit has no compassion whatsoever for her victims, she counts on their being too ashamed to admit they’ve been seduced by a woman, how can I relate to a character who uses shame and internalized homophobia against others? And Savannah has to be the worst FBI agent in lesfic, she keeps asking the wrong questions. She knows there’s something fishy when Kit keeps turning up at the same casinos she’s surveilling, Kit says it’s because she’s following the tournaments but she’s never playing in any of them, nor seems in the least interested in watching them. I’m not even talking about the totally unplausible ending (the rest of the book isn’t that much more plausible anyway).

So, all in all, not my kind of book at all.

2 stars

Thief of the Heart @ Bold Strokes Books


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