Instigations (Kat and Freya #2) – Kiki Archer & Jessica Jeffries (narrator)

I wanted to enjoy this as much as I had But She is My Student, which tackled a delicate issue in a sensitive way. In Instigations, Kat and Freya are free to love each other, Freya is not Kat’s student anymore, she’s at university, studying to become a teacher herself.

I found some parts ridiculously funny, and smart, like when Kat, always the teacher, explains gaydar and how to reach multiple orgasms with the same gusto. I really enjoy the relationship between Kat and Freya, the angst (they’re both rather young still, 19 and 24), learning to trust and all that, even if it sometimes felt a tad artificial.

However, I didn’t like the comedic aspect so much, which I felt was often overt the top, almost crude, and didn’t mesh well with the rest of the story. It was okay in the first book but took too much importance in this one, and I can only take so many clichés.

Jessica Jeffries’ narration is impeccable, as usual.

3 stars

Instigations @ audible

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