Soul Burn – Megan Hart & Brenda Murphy

Soul Burn is not one story by two authors but two novellas (one by each author) with both similarities and differences. They’re both BDSM erotic romances with one of the main characters a shifter.

In Shifting Flames, by Brenda Murphy, Celeste Quon is a recluse writer with a reputation for being difficult who has agreed to work with a screenwriter to bring her bestseller to the screen. Eve Perez is struggling after her ex stole her work and ruined her reputation. When they meet, sparks fly, each recognizing the need and desire in the other.

The Fire Inside, by Megan Hart, brings the reader right into the action, where Selena is being beaten by Clara. Selena uses pain to ward off orgasms. That’s her hard limit: she doesn’t want to climax. Clara is a very precise and conscientious Domme, and senses there’s more to that hard limit than Selena lets on.

What I found most interesting is that both shifters are submissive but while Celeste thrives on the shift and loves the thrill and pain of becoming her tiger, Selena fights her wolf with fervour.

I’m beginning to know what to expect from Murphy’s books: solid writing, intense characters, steam. I got all that with Shifting Flames, but it felt a little short and rushed at times (novellas…). Hart is new to me, and I liked her story a lot. Sure it’s extremely sexy but it’s the love and understanding that get to me. The two stories complement each other really well, and it’s fascinating to see how the same ingredients can result in very different tales.


Soul Burn @ NineStar Press


  1. Interesting – the BDSM aspects alone sound like these would both make for a solid read, but weave in the shifter element , , , and wow! Definitely need to check this out. Great review.


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