Ready for Love – Catherine Maiorisi

This was an okay read. I never completely got into the story, until the last quarter, which I thought was really nice.

Renee Rousseau (half-French, half-American, half-white, half-Black) has hidden for the last twenty years or so behind her love for her first girlfriend, Darcy. At Darcy’s wedding (read Matters of the Heart if you want to know how this wedding came to be), she realizes she has to let go, finally. As life would have it, one of the only women who ever made her want more from the relationship than good sex reappears, sixteen years after leaving Renee without a word. The attraction is still there, and so are the strong feelings between them. But while Renee feels she herself has not changed much during their years apart, Constance comes back to her a widow and the mother of twin teenage girls.

While the biracial issue is interesting, it felt forced. And the express therapy sounds a bit too good to be true. The romance is slow-burn but most of the rest feels rushed.

My reviews are usually longer than this but I’m afraid if I start delving deeper, I’ll focus on what left me dissatisfied, which wouldn’t be fair. This book wasn’t bad but it was not very exciting either. The writing is good, however, and I’ve read wonderful reviews of Maiorisi’s Chiara Corelli mystery series so I’ll give them a try.

3 stars

Ready for Love @ Bella Books

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