Little Lies – Lila Bruce & Tia Rider Sorensen (narrator)

Wow, this book hits the ground running… When she goes to the bank to deposit money that morning, little does Lia know that the pretty woman she has noticed a few times lately at her favourite coffee place is there too. She doesn’t know either that she is going to get shot by bank robbers and that said woman will save her life. Then move in with her while she recovers. The most important thing she doesn’t know is that the woman, Dylan, is an FBI agent keeping an eye on her in case her ex-husband gets in touch with her on his run from the Giametta crime family.

I love Dylan and Lia together, whether they’re flirting or fighting. At first, when Lia still believes Dylan to be a computer consultant, it seems pretty obvious they’re falling for each other, easily and inevitably. Dylan tries to fight it – she’s on a job, dammit! –, but that’s fate for you. Then when all hell breaks loose and the two women have to run for their lives, they finally find themselves on an equal footing.

I’m surprised Lia didn’t feel like the most unlucky woman on Earth at times, with so many things going wrong. The reader knows why all these things happen, but she doesn’t for the longest while, and I’d have freaked out a lot more than she does if it all were happening to me.

While the pace slows down a bit after the excitement of the beginning, Little Lies is filled with adreline-fueled action scenes and many unexpectedly funny moments (Dylan baking a cake being one of them). I truly enjoyed listening to this book a lot. The narration might not have been as dynamic as I’d have liked every now and then, but it’s pretty good overall. Like many narrators whose work I like, Tia Rider Sorensen is at her best with dialogues, her voices for the different characters are varied and easy to distinguish. I especially liked the voice for Lia, most notably her little “uh huh” sounds, which worked very well with the character.

Little Lies is both fun and charming, totally my kind of book.


Little Lies @ Lesbian audiobooks

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