Fireflies – Lise Gold & Stevie Zimmerman (Narrator)

I think I finally understand why I like Lise Gold’s characters so much. They remind me of my wife. They’re good and selfless women who do their best to make life beautiful and easier for the people they love. They’re strong (much stronger than they think) and flawed, sweet and determined.

Mia Donoghue loves her job as a senior purser. Travelling, discovering new places or enjoying favourite ones helps her cope with the guilt she’s been carrying for fifteen years, guilt that has kept her away from her family. On one of her flights, she meets Ava Alfarsi, who has recently been promoted to captain. Mia and Ava soon find out that they share more than an immediate and undeniable attraction.

When they first meet, Ava seems to be at her better place in her life, yet she has huge control issues. They both make the other stronger, even though Mia is not ready to admit it at first.

One of the things I’ve discovered these past months, with Lise Gold’s books in particular, is how much I love simple stories that tackle sensitive issues without any violence. Don’t get me wrong, I love complicated stories, I love getting lost in labyrinthine tales. But I also love straightforward simplicity. Day to day life, when cleverly told, can be fascinating.

Lise Gold has a gift for creating lovely characters, Mia and Ava are no exceptions. Another Gold trademark is the travelling, and this book takes the readers to Dubai, New York, Kuala Lumpur… Every time I read a book by Lise Gold, I want to buy a plane ticket. Every single time.

Despite the delicate topic (addiction and the every day struggle that is sobriety), Fireflies is a pretty joyful novel, with plenty of banter and steamy scenes. And loads and loads of feelings. Once again, it’s everything I love. And the narration, by Stevie Zimmerman, is excellent.


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