Living – Lise Gold & TJ Richards (narrator)

Living is one of my favorite books this year, probably in my Top 5. I wouldn’t have read it again so soon since I remembered a lot. Which, as you’ll know if you have read my reviews before, is rather telling and totally unusual. Yet when the audiobook came out, narrated by TJ Richards, I couldn’t wait.

I really like TJ Richards’ narration style, and she did a great job here, once more. I never had any doubt as to who was talking (which happens too often), she had very distinctive and fitting voices for all the characters, especially the main ones. And there are small things that make the narration stand out, the way the characters breathe, the hesitations in their voices at times, very subtle details that make it really excellent. It’s especially true for Ella, I think.

As to the story itself, I still love it as much, still stand by every word I wrote in the review I wrote last August. And I love that what stands out once again at the end of the book is that feeling of hope.


Living @ amazon

Read the review for Living, the book

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