For a Moment’s Indiscretion – KA Moll & Emily Beresford (narrator)

That was a tough one… I don’t like nasty characters, I don’t like when people are mean to others. Yet it’s interesting too to read books where not everything goes right, or ends well. The story begins as Zane and Jaina’s couple is struggling. Zane, a pastor, is convinced her wife Jaina, a social work teacher, is cheating on her. She’s not, not yet. But after a fight, Jaina finds herself outside her colleague Amelia’s door, and Amelia, an unbalanced younger woman, takes full advantage of the situation. From then on, Jaina and Zane work on getting their lives back together while Amelia keeps making it difficult for them.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat all along. Amelia is a total psychopath and man, is she scary… Also, I have a tendency to roll my eyes when writers use miscommunication as their main way to create angst but Jaina’s sleep deprivation and ensuing paranoia makes it a lot more believable.

Emily Beresford’s intense style of narration is often overly dramatic for my taste. In this case, though, it fits. Her voice is a little like the spooky music in spooky movies when something terrifying is about to happen. And I love her voice for Amelia, it’s off in just the right way.

I found out after I had finished listening that For a Moment’s Indiscretion is book 2 in a series (book 1 is Soul Mates). It can totally be read as a standalone but might be better when knowing more about the characters’ backstories.


For a Moment’s Indiscretion @ Lesbian audiobooks

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