Lee Shores (Black Flag #2) – Rachel Ford

3.5⭐️ – When Kay’s best friend Frank is summoned to his home planet of Kudar, Kay and Magdalene decide to accompany him, only for them to discover that his family has betrothed him to a woman he’s never met. The only way out is to pretend he’s already engaged to someone else, so Maggie steps in. One of the things I enjoyed was that this fake relationship is told from Maggie’s real girlfriend’s point of view. Pretty soon, though, the jig’s up and other family secrets come out. Then the three friends get arrested for murder… All these happenings make for a hell of a holiday!

Lee Shores is a nice and easy read (with yet another cool cover by May Dawney). As far as world-building and storytelling go, it’s not at the same level as, say, Becky Chambers or J. S. Fields’ books, but it’s also what makes this series accessible to non sci-fi fans. And the dialogues and characters interactions make me think it would make a pretty fun TV show or movie.


Lee Shores @ amazon

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