Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse (The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles #1) – Georgette Kaplan

So when is book 2 coming out?

I’m a fan of Georgette Kaplan‘s writing. The only other writer whose style I enjoy as much (regardless of the stories) is Jeanette Winterson. It’s sometimes so brilliant it’s exhilarating.

The (other) good news is, I also had a whole lotta fun reading this book. With a name like Georgette Kaplan, of course you’d want to write stories filled with adventure and adrenaline.

So, what’s it about? Easy Nevada is an obnoxious but very sexy and talented fortune hunter. On the surface, she seems to have a one-track mind, but underneath the humour and salacious looks, she’s all business. The business in this case being a pyramid that has been buried in Sudan for thousands of years. On her way to the treasure she’s looking for, she meets Sudan-born Britain-raised archeologist Candice Cushing, whose dry sense of humour belies her insecurity. They become unlikely partners as they try to escape from a gang of zealots intent of destroying all traces of what they see as blasphemy.

Easy Nevada is the daughter Indiana Jones and Lara Croft could have had if… Nope. Not a good image. Sorry. But you get the idea. The pace is as fast as in any good action movie, there’s a lot happening all the time, the characters don’t get to breathe between two attacks on their lives and neither does the reader. If you can find a moment to read this when you know you won’t have to stop, that’s when you should read this, so as to enjoy it to the max.


Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse @ Ylva Publishing


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