Daughter of No One (The Odium Trilogy) – Sam Ledel

I was so not prepared for the end to arrive when it did! It took me a bit longer than usual to get caught in the story but when I did, it was all the way. So when I turned the last page, I was ready for a lot more. I am definitely looking forward to book 2.

Jastyn has lived her whole life on the outskirts of the village, her family shunned because she’s labeled an Odium child – she was born to an unwed mother. Her best friends are an old witch who taught her all sorts of magic and a stable boy who saved her life when she was a nine-year-old thief trying to feed herself and her mother. At twenty-two, she lives with her mother, her stepfather and her stepsister Alana. The thirteen-year old is suffering from some illness the alchemist doesn’t seem to know how to cure. Jastyn decides to ask the Queen, whose knowledge of healing magic is well-known, for help, despite her misgivings towards the royal family. She then meets the Princess, Aurelia. When the kingdom is attacked and the Princess kidnapped, Jastyn is convinced finding Aurelia will lead to a cure for her sister. Yet unforeseen feelings for Aurelia threaten to get in the way.

New Adult fantasy is a new guilty pleasure of mine. It’s full of exciting adventure and the promise of romance. It’s sweet, fresh and hopeful. It takes me back to my teenage years, the good parts of those years at least. I read this in a few hours, only stopped long enough to have lunch. I hope I won’t have to wait too long for the sequel, I have high hopes for Jastyn, Aurelia, their friend Coran, Eegit the hedgewitch and Rigo the elf.


Daughter of No One @ Bold Strokes Books

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