Twice Upon a Train – KA Moll & Emily Beresford (narrator)

This is a solid second-chance rich girl / poor girl romance. Keegan Wade fell irremediably in love with the first girl she ever kissed. They were 14 and 13 and separated immediately after that kiss. When they meet again, by chance, twenty-six years later, Keegan’s love is still as strong. On the outside, she’s done really well for herself: she’s a surgeon, she’s more than well-off, she’s just been appointed Chief of Trauma Surgery at the New York hospital where she works. Yet she’s having a lot of trouble sleeping, she’s drinking way too much and she’s not enjoying her life much anymore. Finding Willow again brings hope and passion back in her life.

I loved the characters from the start. All of them. They have depth and they feel real. The MCs, obviously, but also Nicole, Willow’s best friend, with all her faults. I really felt for her once I understood what was happening to her. The rest of the secondary characters are interesting too.

Another thing I liked was that the story didn’t stop after the trip Keegan and Willow were reunited on. Real life was suspended on that trip, and I liked that we get to see how things go once the two women were back in New York, each struggling with her own challenges.

I’m not a fan of Emily Beresford’s voice and style but she’s a very good narrator. This was my first book by KA Moll and I think it was a good introduction to her work.


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