The Soul of WBVR (Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles Book 3) – Elizabeth Andre

This series is getting better and better.

In book 3, the crew of the Paranormal Grievance Committee is helping Joyce Barkley, a seventy-year-old DJ, find out what happened to the woman she fell in love with in the Sixties.

The gang is true to form. Maya is ready to tell Lily she loves her, Julie’s relationship with Miranda is fine, Steve and Eddie are fighting but no one knows why. But what I liked best was the stories from the Sixties, the background to the relationship between Joyce and Natasha, what soul music and Black DJs meant to the Black community, the Civil rights movement, the importance of having access to Black media etc. Not only is this series fun, this episode is enlightening.


The Soul of WBVR @ Elizabeth Andre’s website

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