Second Wind – Ceillie Simkiss

It’s not often characters in lesfic are older women so when I saw the author was offering ARCs for this story with women over 70, I couldn’t resist.

Martha and Pam were best friends most of their childhood and teenage years, up until Pam’s family moved. They haven’t seen each other until they meet by chance on a plane to Glasgow more than fifty years later. Martha is carrying her dead husband’s ashes, which she plans to disperse from the top of the Glasgow Tower. Pam is bringing a support puppy to a young epileptic child. Over the next few days, the two women reconnect and come to realize how much they still mean to one another.

I appreciated the way Martha’s love for her husband was never played down, how much a part of her it was. She’s one of the lucky ones who have more than one true love in their lifetime. I only wish there had been more about Pam’s life as an adult. We don’t know anything about her, or her love life. I missed that all the more so as she’s a very interesting person, from the little we know.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable read, a lovely story, great chemistry between the characters, good secondary characters too.

Second Wind @ Ceillie Simkiss’ website

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